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Hello, everyone. Tatiana was promoting Orphan Black on Conan last night. You can watch the very entertaining video below. By the way, Regina, Tatiana’s hometown, is a lovely place!

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Hello, everyone. The gallery has been updated with exciting new promotional pictures and stills from Orphan Black season 2, which is finally almost here! I am especially excited for this scene to happen. Credit goes to Far Far Away.

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Tatiana attended the GLAAD Media Awards yesterday. Pictures are in the gallery, thanks to Far Far Away.


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BBC America has released a few more Insider videos for Orphan Black season two, including videos for Alison and Rachel. You can watch them below. Screen captures from the Cosima, Alison, and Rachel videos have been added to the gallery. One more week until the season premiere!

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Thanks to Mariana for the heads up. Pictures from Tatiana’s Emmy Magazine feature have been added to the gallery. Now you can read the full article and there are a few more photoshoot images as well.

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Two new medium-sized photoshoot picture have been added to the gallery. They have been used in various articles—like the last article I posted—promoting Cas & Dylan and Orphan Black. Click on the preview below.

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Tatiana Maslany is juggling so many roles, you wonder whether she even knows who she is when she wakes up in the morning. The 28-year-old Regina native and star of breakout sci-fi TV series Orphan Black – a co-production between Space and BBC America about a group of women who discover they are clones (all played by Maslany) – is also quite at home on the indie scene. For his first theatrical feature, Cas & Dylan, actor-director Jason Priestley tapped Maslany to play a free-spirited foil to Richard Dreyfuss’s terminally ill doctor bent on suicide. The newcomer balances the veteran with so much energy and charm that it’s almost as if playing only one role is too easy for her.

Did you and Richard Dreyfuss improvise much of the banter? It seemed very natural and unforced.

We would banter every now and then, but I think most of what ended up in the film was scripted. Richard’s really good at elevating things, where it’s as though you’re just talking. It’s a testament to his work, obviously. He’s incredible.

One reviewer said “the ending happens exactly as you’d expect,” and I thought that might have meant a May-September romance.

[She laughs] Oh my god, no. I think Jason wanted to make sure it stayed dark. I know it’s hopeful and it’s got that sense of starting a new life, but we don’t go Hollywood-ending on it. I think that was quite brave.

Have you ever done the cross-country drive?

I’ve done Regina to Vancouver a couple of times for improv festivals, when I was younger. It’s amazing. We did it in blizzards most of the time, so you couldn’t really see farther than two feet ahead of you. Read More

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She’s all that.

And when it comes to Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, you can add in that’s she all that and a bag of potato chips (which Helena, one of her many characters, would probably eat).

Maslany has earned a lot of praise, rightfully so, for her performance on BBC America’s breakout hit series. Actually, we should say performances as she effortlessly handles no less than seven characters. Quick to praise Maslany’s work? The Television Academy as they selected the actress to appear on the April cover or Emmy magazine.

We’ve got your exclusive first look at Maslany on the cover of Emmy magazine, as well as some gorgeous photos from inside the issue that show off Maslany’s glam side.

And inside the issue, which hit newsstands today, Maslany’s Orphan Black team are quick to gush about their leading lady.

“I don’t think there’s another actor right now, especially in her age range, who could have tackled something like this,” costar Jordan Gavaris says of Maslany’s handling of multiple roles. “The value of getting to work with an actor of her caliber is not lost on me.”

The series’ co-creator Graeme Manson gushes, “She’s a total natural, a working prodigy.” And fellow co-creator John Fawcett adds, “Everyone wants to do their best work because she’s working harder than everyone here, and everyone knows she’s doing something special.”


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BBC America has released another Insider video, this time on fan favorite Cosima! You can watch it below.

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As many of you already know, Orphan Black was featured in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago. Pictures from the photoshoot have been added to the gallery.


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