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When John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, the creators of BBC America’s cult series “Orphan Black,” recall the moment they realized the central conceit of their twisty science-fiction conspiracy drama might actually be believable, they point to a bar scene in the third episode. In it, a bespectacled, dreadlocked Ph.D. student named Cosima has a lengthy conversation with Sarah, a street-savvy British grifter.

“They’re looking at themselves in the mirror, and John said to me, ‘It works!’ ” Mr. Manson recalled, referring to the fact that both Cosima and Sarah — as well as several other characters from around the world who discover they’re clones — are played by a single actress, Tatiana Maslany.

“Even after we cast Tat, we knew we had the right person, but we were really worried,” Mr. Manson said. Their concerns stretched far beyond the fact that if the series was going to succeed, Ms. Maslany had to be able to make each of the clones seem like a completely different person. Read More

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Okay, everyone. I am so excited to have Orphan Black back and finally had the time to watch the season premiere. It was fast-paced and amazing and I only then realized just how much I missed the characters. I also really appreciated the surprise at the end of the episode! Check out the screen captures in the gallery.

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Tatiana was on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight a few days ago. I appreciated the very in-depth questions she got and enjoyed listening to her answers. She talks about how influential the movie A Woman Under the Influence was for her, making Cas & Dylan, and playing different characters on Orphan Black. You can watch the interview below.


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AGE: 28.

PROVENANCE: Regina, Saskatchewan.

NORTHERN START: The television darling started dancing at an early age, which led to auditioning for musicals and theater. “There’s just something in me that wanted to play and make believe.”

ON THE SPOT: Maslany honed her acting talents by performing with a professional sketch troupe for 10 years. “I owe a lot of where I’m at now to what I learned doing improv. It’s a large part of who I am.”

SERIAL SUCCESS: A fixture in Canadian television since the age of nine, Maslany hit the jackpot after landing the lead role in the cult-favorite science-fiction series Orphan Black. “I fought so hard [for the role]. I remember when I read the pilot script and synopsis, I started salivating!”

SECOND ACT: With Season Two of Orphan Black premiering this month, Maslany—who earned a Golden Globe nomination this year for her performance—is keeping mum about new developments. “My teasers are so lame, because they’ve sworn us all to absolute secrecy.” And she’s looking beyond the series as well. “I’d love to do theater again. Somewhere in New York would be the absolute dream, you know?”


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Hello, everyone. Tatiana was promoting Orphan Black on Conan last night. You can watch the very entertaining video below. By the way, Regina, Tatiana’s hometown, is a lovely place!


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Hello, everyone. The gallery has been updated with exciting new promotional pictures and stills from Orphan Black season 2, which is finally almost here! I am especially excited for this scene to happen. Credit goes to Far Far Away.

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Tatiana attended the GLAAD Media Awards yesterday. Pictures are in the gallery, thanks to Far Far Away.


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BBC America has released a few more Insider videos for Orphan Black season two, including videos for Alison and Rachel. You can watch them below. Screen captures from the Cosima, Alison, and Rachel videos have been added to the gallery. One more week until the season premiere!

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Thanks to Mariana for the heads up. Pictures from Tatiana’s Emmy Magazine feature have been added to the gallery. Now you can read the full article and there are a few more photoshoot images as well.

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Two new medium-sized photoshoot picture have been added to the gallery. They have been used in various articles—like the last article I posted—promoting Cas & Dylan and Orphan Black. Click on the preview below.


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